Both you and your employer have obligations in relation to any injury you sustain at work.

If you are injured at work, you must:

  • notify your employer of any injury or illness as soon as practicable
  • make a workers' compensation claim in order to receive payment for medical expenses and time lost due to medical appointments
  • nominate your own treating doctor, usually a GP who agrees to participate in the planning of your return to the workforce
  • forward ongoing medical certificates, receipts and accounts for medical and other treatment to your employer or CGU.
  • actively participate in treatment and planning your return to the workforce
  • participate in assessments to determine your capacity, rehabilitation progress and future employment prospects
  • make every reasonable effort to return to work within suitable duties
  • notify your employer within seven days if you are receiving workers' compensation payments and you start working for another employer or you start your own business.
  • comply with all reasonable requests made by CGU with regard to your claim

If you don’t meet these obligations, your entitlement to weekly payments and medical and other expenses may be affected.

For further information about employee obligations, please contact NT WorkSafe on 1800 250 713.

Your employer’s obligations

Your employer must:

  • allow you to visit a doctor
  • consult with you, your treating doctor and CGU about the plan for assisting your return to work
    • provide you with employment that is suitable based on your work capacity, until you are able to return to your pre-injury duties
    • Provide the assistance of a qualified vocational rehabilitation provider if required

For further information about employer obligations, see the section on employer rights and responsibilities or contact NT WorkSafe on 1800 250 713.

Your treating doctor's obligations

Your treating doctor should:

  • recommend necessary treatment for your injury
  • fully complete approved Workers' Compensation medical certificates
  • monitor your progress regularly
  • consult with CGU and your employer to develop a plan for your return to the workforce.

CGU's obligations

CGU's responsibilities include:

  • determining liability for your workers' compensation claim and advising you in writing
  • paying reasonable medical and treatment expenses in accordance with NT Workers' Compensation legislation
  • keeping you informed of any matters affecting your claim.