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Injury management training

CGU provides all policy holders with free access to online injury management training via our .Live online tools.

This introductory training is designed to provide you with tips and techniques to help you successfully manage injuries in the workplace. The training includes:

  • an overview of injury management
  • legal requirements
  • roles and responsibilities in injury management
  • responding to injuries
  • claims management and early intervention
  • recovery and returning to the workplace.

CGU also offers classroom style training on injury management. More information is available in our Tools and Resources section.

The provision of suitable duties and the return to work plan

As the employer you are responsible for providing suitable duties for your injured worker.

In conjunction with the injured worker, their nominated treating doctor and a rehabilitation provider a return to work plan should be drafted that:

  • is based on the treating doctor’s recommendations and approval  

If the doctor thinks the employee is fit to work, but not in their normal job, you must consider suitable duties such as:

  • parts of the job the employee was doing before the injury
  • the same job, but on reduced hours
  • different duties altogether
  • duties at a different site
  • training opportunities
  • a combination of some or all the above

When considering suitable duties, the following must be taken into account:

  • the work capabilities the treating doctor has listed
  • the age, education and work skills of the injured worker
  • where the worker lives
  • what duties are useful within your business
  • if the duties comply with the injury management plan
  • they must not be demeaning or token duties

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