Shop and Office Fitters

We understand the unique tasks you perform and offer tailored insurance to suit your specific trade.

CGU understands the word trades covers a multitude of occupations and shop and office fitters should not be lumped in with the rest.Your jobs can differ each day as you are constantly completing new tasks and gaining new clients. One day you can be training new recruits whilst another you may be preparing a new office space from scratch. Because all instances involve a level of risk where someone could be injured or something could go wrong, you need to make sure you are protected if the unexpected happen.
That's why we offer you the following:
Public and Products Liability Insurance
Public liability insurance can protect your business against claims made against your business by a third party (suppliers, customers etc.) due to an injury to them or damage caused to their property in connection with your work/business. This could happen if somebody tripped over your tools and got injured or you negligently damaged a client’s wall while installing a fitout.Public liability insurance is also usually required before contractors are allowed to set foot on the site.
Product liability can protect you in case there is an unintentional defect in your work that results in you or your business being held responsible for causing damage to a client and their business. This could happen if a shelf is not properly secured to the wall and falls and hits someone causing them to be injured. So we can provide protection if you or your business are found liable.

Choose the cover most applicable to you so that you are paying for only what you need and make sure that your work doesn’t have to stop just because someone steals or you lose your tools.
Portable electronic goods
Everything is done electronically now. Whether you are arranging supplies on your smart phone or drawing up plans on your laptop it is import to insure these valuable assets that are crucial to your business.
Commercial Motor
Make sure you are still able to get to worksites in the event of your work vehicle being damaged or stolen.
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