Painting and Decorating Insurance

Ask three different painters what their day looked like and you’ll get three different answers. Where one spent the morning erecting scaffolding around a water tower, the other spent it preparing the exterior of a house.

However the thing that unites all painters is that whatever work environment you’re in, it’s likely to be one that holds many dangers to you or to third parties entering the site, which is why it’s wise to protect yourself against the unexpected.
This is why we offer you the following:
Public and Products Liability Insurance
The constantly changing nature of your work conditions means you’ll often walk into new situations and sites unaware of potential dangers to you and to third parties, which is why it’s wise to protect yourself in advance with Public and Product Liability Insurance. 
You need Public Liability Insurance as it can protect you against legal liability arising out of property damage or personal injury to a third party as a result of your work. Imagine leaving a ladder out and a child climbs up on it and fall and breaks his arm or you accidentally drop the paint on expansive floor/ carpet and damage it. Your CGU cover can protect your business from these claims.
Products liability insurance is designed to protect you from claims of injury or damage arising from an unknown defect in your products. For example, if you supply a faulty rust and/or mildew coating to a client that damages a client’s property, product liability insurance may provide protect for a claim against you by the client.

When the unexpected happens, tools insurance may assist you to continue running your business without missing a beat. You can’t paint a house without brushes and ladders.
Portable electronic goods
Protect yourself from being unable to accept new business or communicate with customers when you are onsite if your ipad or smart phone get damaged, lost or stolen.
Commercial Motor
Getting yourself and your tools to site and carting painting equipment from job to job makes a painter’s work vehicle a critical asset, without which it’s impossible to run a business. Commercial Motor Insurance can help to make sure you’re still able to get to site should your vehicle be damaged or stolen.
CGU is proud of our superior claims service, so when things go wrong call 131340 and you’ll be in the capable hands of one of our experienced claims consultants.

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