Carpet, Upholstery and Rug Cleaning

Each day in the carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning industry looks different. From floor waxing and carpet cleaning to mattress stain treatment and janitorial services, the role of a cleaner is varied.

But regardless of the task, all cleaning scenarios involve a level of risk that could lead to an accident or a liability, so you need to make sure you’re covered in case something goes wrong, but also be sure that you’re only paying for the insurance you need.

That’s why we offer the following:

Public and Products Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance protects you against legal liability arising out of property damage or personal injury to a third party as a result of your work. Be it a third party tripping over your tools or you accidentally causing damage to the property of others, Public Liability Insurance is there to protect you and your business.

Products Liability insurance is designed to protect you from claims of injury or damage arising from work you’ve done.

A cleaning business can’t function without vacuums, floor cleaners, mops and a host of vital equipment. That’s why Tool Insurance gives you peace of mind that you’re covered in the event that your tools are lost, damaged or stolen, ensuring you don’t miss a beat of your business. And to make sure you’re not paying for insurance that you don’t need, you can also choose the specific cover applicable to you and your business.

Portable Electronic Goods

Cleaners must stay connected to adapt to the changing needs of clients. Whether you’re making phone calls, checking invoices or sending emails on your mobile, tablet or laptop; your devices are an integral part of your business. Portable Electronic Goods Insurance makes sure your devices are swiftly replaced if lost, damaged or stolen.

Commercial Motor

The nature of the cleaning business means that you’re always moving from site to site, making your work vehicle a critical asset to a smoothly run business. That’s why Commercial Motor Insurance is essential to making sure you’re still able to get around should your vehicle be damaged or stolen.
CGU is proud of our superior claims service, so when things go wrong call 131340 and you’ll be in the capable hands of one of our experienced claims consultants.

Find more information on our Trade Insurance policies here. 

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