Multimedia liability

Provides comprehensive protection against a range of civil liability claims including defamation.

Multimedia Liability Insurance

CGU’s Multimedia Liability Policy aims to protect organisations in the media, marketing and advertising industries with respect to civil liability claims arising from the provision of Multimedia Services. Such civil liability claims can include (but not limited to) breaches of duty, defamation, breach of copyright, false attribution of authorship (and other infringements of intellectual property) and invasion of privacy.
Litigation against organisations in the media, marketing and advertising industries can arise from the provision of any of the following types of Multimedia Services:
  • publishing, broadcasting, communication, distribution and/or dissemination of content;
  • researching, investigating, acquiring, preparing, compiling, producing and/or editing of content;
  • licensing, syndication, serialisation, distribution, sale or lease of content, by or with the written permission of a multimedia organisation.

Why you may need to be put in touch with an insurance adviser for this product

If your business has complex or unique needs in relation to multimedia liability insurance, we may put you in touch with an independent insurance adviser who can help assess your risks and give you specialist advice on what level of cover will suit your needs.

Key features

Cover for: 
  • Claims for civil liability arising from the provision of Multimedia Services
  • Claims investigation costs (i.e. defence costs)
  • Defamation actions
  • Infringement of intellectual property (e.g. trademark, copyright, design or patent)
  • False attribution of authorship
  • Invasion of privacy or improper disclosure of sensitive private facts
  • Malicious prosecution allegations
  • Vicarious liability for employees – social media accounts (sub-limited)
  • Withdrawal of content (sub-limited)