Motor Trades pack

CGU’s Motor trades package provides specifically-designed insurance cover for the Motor Trades industry.


CGU’s Motor trades package provides specifically-designed insurance cover for the Motor Trades industry and lets you tailor the cover you need for your business.

CGU’s Motor trades package can be tailored to suit your needs. This customisable insurance provides a range of different insurance types all under one policy – making it easy to insure your whole business with one policy.


Key features

  • Covers fire, explosion, lightning and earthquake damage to vehicle stock at the premises
  • Covers vehicles stock for theft from premises with various extensions available
  • Extend your liability cover with motor trades-specific cover for things such as faulty workmanship
  • Cover for vehicle inspection and evaluation if you undertake roadworthy certificates or safety reports
  • Wide-ranging business insurance protection for your business under one policy
  • Tailor your insurance solution to meet your business’ needs, regardless of size or type of business



Covers physical property such as buildings, machinery, contents and stock in trade, including stock of vehicles. It can also cover customers’ vehicles and property in your control against fire and the listed risks. It may also provide limited cover for accidental damage.

Business interruption

The interruption to trading following a fire or other insured event can often have more serious financial implications for your business than the actual damage itself. Business interruption covers the shortfall in your gross profit caused by the interruption to your business after you’d had an insured loss.

Theft and money

Covers for the cost of reinstatement of stolen property, or repairs to your property following burglary that originated from forcible and violent entry.


This covers breakage of internal and external glass and signs.


This covers your legal liability to pay compensation for personal injury or property damage. It provides protection against losses arising from both public and products liabilities, including damage resulting from faulty workmanship.

Some optional liability covers specific for motor trades include:

  • Customers' vehicles or watercraft in legal control (full limit of indemnity)
  • Customers' property in legal control.
  • Rectification of Faulty Workmanship.
  • Vehicle Inspection and Evaluation (Property Damage and Personal Injury).

(Vehicle Inspection and Evaluation cover provides protection against losses arising in circumstances where a fee was paid for 'advice', e.g. when a Roadworthy or Safety certificate is issued.)

Employee dishonesty

This covers against loss of money and property caused by fraudulent or dishonest acts of an identified employee.

Machinery breakdown

This covers the breakdown of mechanical or electrical machinery, boiler explosion or collapse of boilers or pressure vessels. Goods in cold chambers are covered against deterioration.

Computers and electronic equipment

This covers the costs of replacement or repair due to sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage of electronic equipment.

General property

Insurance cover for loss, destruction or damage to property specified in the policy schedule as a result of:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Explosion
  • Collision or overturning of the conveying vehicle
  • Burglary from situations insured including your residence and vehicle.

It covers reinstatement or repairs and there is no deduction for depreciation.

Tax investigation

This covers the cost of professional fees incurred as a result of an audit or investigation by the

Australian Taxation Office relating to liability to pay a designated tax.

Note: This is a general description of cover only – full details are set out in the Policy Wording document

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