Management Liability

CGU Management Liability insurance policies provide comprehensive protection against potential claims and disputes.


Incorporated entities and their directors and officers continue to face greater corporate governance and increasing regulatory surveillance of the management of their business activities.
Traditionally directors’ & officers’ policies have been written to only protect the personal interests and assets of individual directors and officers. In the past any available cover for the entity under these policies has been limited only to optional extensions, such as employment practices liability cover and comes with the added risk of eroding the directors and officers’ policy limit.
Consequently, some incorporated entities have preferred to remain uninsured, exposing their owner directors and officers to the risk of expensive and time consuming litigation. This has been despite the fact that incorporated entities and their directors and officers are directly exposed to risky litigation from a variety of different sources such as minority shareholders, employees (unfair dismissal, discrimination and sexual harassment), creditors and State and Federal regulatory bodies (i.e. ACCC, ASIC and ATO).
CGU Professional Risks, one of Australia’s leading professional risks insurers for over 27 years, has designed 2 Management Liability policies tailored to meet the different needs of different size businesses.
If the business seeking Management Liability insurance has revenues greater than $10,000,000 or assets greater than $25,000,000 – please click on the following link for more information: Mid-Market Management Liability.
If the business seeking Management Liability insurance has revenues and assets both less than $25,000,000 – please click on the following link for more information:  Business Protection Management Liability.
Why choose CGU insurance?
CGU has the knowledge and expertise to offer a comprehensive range of commercial insurance for a variety of business types and sizes.
With policies across business, property, liability, workers compensation, farm insurance and professional risks, we ensure business owners have the confidence to grow their business.
CGU is one of Australia’s leading professional risks insurers for over 27 years, we know that our competitive advantage lies in our ability to maintain a difference in the service that we provide. 
Currently CGU insures approximately 40,000 Australian businesses or individuals for professional risk insurance products and over the past 27 plus years we have:
  • underwritten over $1.5 billion in premium
  • managed over 42,000 claims for our policy holders.
We understand some business insurance needs can be complex, so we work with a national network of brokers, authorised representatives, business partners and suppliers to ensure we provide you with the best means to ask the right questions and get the right advice. Together CGU and our partners work to provide insurance solutions that meet your needs.
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