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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I change my personal details?

    You can change your details by calling us on 13 24 81 during business or by submitting your request online. You should let us know of changes as soon as you can, within 14 days.

  • How do I get a tax invoice?

    Once your policy has been paid or automatic instalments have been set up, your policy schedule becomes an official Tax Invoice. If you have special requirements for your tax needs, you can call us on 13 24 81 during business hours or request one online.

  • A client has asked me to provide a Certificate of Currency before I commence work. What is this?

    A Certificate of Currency (COC) is a document issued by your insurer to show that your cover is current and usually indicates the amount or conditions of the protection you hold. To request a COC, you can call us on 13 24 81 during business hours or request one online.

  • How do I make a claim?

    The easiest way to claim is by calling CGU on 13 24 80 24 hours a day, every day of the year. If you need to complete a claim form, you can download them online.

    If you purchased insurance through an advisor or broker, it's best to contact them directly.



  • What documents can I request online?

    You can request any policy documents online and we will arrange to send them to you within two business days. If your request is urgent, please call us on 13 24 81 during business hours as we may be able to provide your documents more quickly.

  • What information do you need when I claim?

    The more information you can give our claims consultant, the quicker we will be able to assess and pay your claim.

    In general, you will need to provide the following details:

    • your policy number
    • verify your personal and policy details
    • the name of the policyholder (if you're claiming on behalf of someone else)
    • detailed description of the incident
    • the date of the incident or event and the address where it happened
    • details of any other parties involved.
  • What is Professional Indemnity, and what does it cover me for?

    If your business includes providing a service or advice, Professional Indemnity insurance will protect you from claims made against your business for damage or loss caused by an act while you are providing your service. 

    Learn about Professional Indemnity insurance

  • What is Public Liability, and do I need it?

    Public Liability insurance safeguards your business against claims made against you for damage, loss or injury that occur in the course of doing business. Claims can be very large and can cause significant financial distress on small businesses. Public Liability insurance will cover you for the amount your may be liable to pay as well as any legal fees to defend the claim. If during the course of performing your business activities you interact with people in public places, you should consider this type of insurance.

    Learn about Public Liability insurance

  • What’s the difference between liability and workers compensation?

    Public Liability protects the business against claims for damage/loss made by the public or customers, whereas Workers Compensation covers your employees if they are injured at work. This could include medical and all asscoiated expenses related to the workplace incident.

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