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Hobby farm insurance

Own a lifestyle property or hobby farm?  Cover your home, contents and farm activities with Hobby Farm insurance. Get a quote online in a few easy steps. 

Speak to us on 13 24 81

Insurance cover for your hobby farm

Protect your hobby farm or lifestyle property with a tailored insurance policy from Australia's leading rural and regional insurer. 

Our Hobby Farm insurance is tailored for small farm operations, protecting both your domestic home and contents as well as providing you with the liability cover necessary on a rural farm property. 

You can tailor your hobby farm cover to include the following features: 

Home and contents

Protect your domestic homestead as well as your farm operations by including home and contents.

Farm liability

Protect your farm against public and product liability claims for property damage or personal injury as a result of your farm operations.

Farm property

Protect your farm buildings, like sheds, stables, and workshops in the event of a fire or defined event like storm damage.

Farm machinery

Add cover for your farm machinery like tractors, headers, quad bikes and ride on mowers. 

Pay monthly

You can pay monthly at no extra cost to help your business manage cash flow.

Get a quote

Get a quote

Or call us on 13 24 81

This is a summary only, for the full details of what is and is not covered, please read the Farm Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Get a hobby farm insurance quote

Want a quick quote right away? You can get a quote and buy your hobby farm insurance online in just a few minutes. Need help? Our CGU farm insurance specialists can help answer your questions, or help you find an insurance broker if you need more help.

Compare farm insurance products

CGU covers farms of all sizes - from small hobby farms and lifestyle properties to large enterprise farms. We offer three different farm products, with different sized farms needs in mind.

Hobby farm insurance FAQs

  • Why sized farms do you consider 'hobby farms'?

    Our hobby farm insurance product is designed for farms up to 200 acres in size (80 hectares) with an annual income of less than $50,000. CGU's Hobby farm insurance is designed for small-scale farms and lifestyle properties that you operate mainly for pleasure or a secondary income, rather than a larger scale, profit-making farm operation. 

    If you farm is larger than 200 acres or provides an income over $50,000 per year, please call one of our farm insurance specialists on 13 24 81 for more information about our farm insurance cover for larger farms. 

  • Why do I need farm insurance for my hobby or leisure farm?

    Even if your farm is a hobby or leisure farm that you don’t earn an income from, you should consider farm insurance. Farming can be a dangerous activity, and most home and contents policies don’t cover farming activities.

    Farm equipment and livestock create risks that are unlikely to be covered in your normal home and contents cover. For example, consider the liability implications if one of your livestock were to escape and cause a car crash. 

    Regardless of whether your farm is used to earn income or not, you will probably need farm insurance. 

  • What does farm liability cover me for?

    Farm liability covers you against liability claims for property damage or personal injury as a result of your farm operations.  

    This includes:

    • Legal costs incurred in the defence or settlement of a claim
    • Cover for others that may be acting on behalf of your business when the incident occurred
    • Loss or damage of goods – which are in your care custody or control which you do not own
    • Loss or damage of someone else’s property that occurs while performing your service
    • First aid expenses at the time of an incident
    • Injury to others who sustain injury whilst visiting your premises

    For more information about what is and is not covered, please read the PDS.

  • What sorts of claims are covered by farm liability insurance?

    Some examples of claims that might be covered under your public liability policy would be:

    • A visitor to your farm slips and breaks their ankle
    • You accentually damage a neighbour’s property with your equipment
    • Livestock escape their fencing and cause a car crash
    • Someone becomes ill after eating a farm product you sold 

    These are examples only. For more information about what is and is not covered, please read the PDS.

  • What covers are available as part of CGU's Hobby farm insurance?

    CGU's Hobby farm insurance includes your domestic home (building) and public and product liability.  In addition, you can build and customise your policy with 8 additional covers: 

    • Domestic contents
    • Portable contents
    • Farm building cover for hay sheds, machinery sheds, stables, workshops and work sheds 
    • Farm machinery cover for tractors, headers, quad bikes and ride on mowers
    • Livestock cover for cows, sheep, pigs, horses, alpacas and chickens
    • Hay
    • Farm contents
    • Fencing cover (internal and external)

    For more information about what is and is not covered, please read the PDS.

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