Crop insurance

CGU Crop Insurance offers premium protection for Australian farmers against major perils such as hail and fire.

Crop Insurance

Crop insurance policies are not all the same. CGU Crop Insurance is specifically designed to offer maximum cover for Australian farms of various sizes and types. So whether crop farming is your chosen profession or just a hobby, CGU has the cover for you.

CGU offers the following tailored policies:

  • Crop Insurance
  • Wine Grape Growers Insurance
  • Cotton Insurance 
  • Seasonal Insurance 

CGU’s crop policies provide cover against major perils such as hail and fire. It also covers your crop against damage resulting from chemical overspray or straying livestock. It covers your harvested crop both on your farm and in transit.  

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Key features

  • Straying livestock & crop overspray
  • Agreed crop value
  • Extra harvest allowance
  • Harvested seed is covered both at the property and in transit
  • Protection from first emergence through to delivery
  • Deferred payment of premium until after the harvest


Extra harvest allowance

For losses in excess of 70% of sum insured CGU will pay you more than the physical loss, up to 100% of the sum insured. For more information refer to brochure.

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