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We know that it’s not always easy to access medical specialists. Distance, waiting lists, uncertainty about who to see and time taken away from your day job often make it difficult to get to those vital appointments. That’s why CGU have partnered with Best Doctors®

Best Doctors® provide access to the top 3-5% of medical specialists from around the world, all without the customer leaving their homes. Best Doctors® use a current diagnosis (from a GP or Specialist) to access international experts who offer second opinions, treatment plans and much more.

In addition, Best Doctors® can help you to answer questions about a condition; you can have those questions answered by a global expert or by an Australian GP. Best Doctors® can also connect you with the nearest expert in their database so you can make an appointment.

Best Doctors® is available to selected policyholders and will cover not only the policyholder, but their partner, parents and children. 

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Key Features

  • Best Doctors provide access to the top 3-5% of medical specialists worldwide, across over 430 sub specialities
  • Best Doctors can be accessed from the comfort of your home, via phone or online
  • CGU offers complimentary Best Doctors Memberships to our CountryPak policy holders. This membership extends to cover our policy holders’ partner, children and parents


Best Doctors Hotline: 1800 325 578

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