Pinnacle Corporate Directors and Officers Liability

Covers the assets of company directors and other individuals of a corporation against personal liability claims.


With greater corporate governance and regulatory surveillance in place today, company directors and officers are under increased pressure to carry out their duties and obligations meticulously. Failure to do so may lead to personal liability for the individual director or for the entire board of directors, regardless of whether they are acting in a part-time, honorary or non-executive capacity.

CGU Pinnacle Corporate Directors and Officers (Pinnacle D&O) Liability insurance policy is designed to protect the assets of company directors and other individuals of a corporation against such claims.

A broad and flexible definition of ‘Insured Person’ applies, covering every past, present and future director, secretary, executive officer or employee of the corporation.

Why you may need to be put in touch with an insurance adviser for this product

If your business has complex or unique needs in relation to Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, we may put you in touch with an independent insurance adviser who can help assess your risks and give you specialist advice on what level of cover will suit your needs.


Key features*

  • Defence & Settlement Procedure
  • Advancement of Defence Costs
  • Full Severability and Non-Imputation and Cancellation Waiver
  • Fraud & Dishonesty Exclusion
  • Preserved Limit for Non-Executive Directors
  • Attendance at Official Investigations
  • Occupational Health & Safety Liability
  • Emergency Defence Costs
  • Pecuniary Penalties Extension
  • Pollution Defence Costs Extension
  • Shareholder Pollution Cover
  • Securities Liability Cover
  • Corporation Crisis Cover
  • Retired Director Cover
  • Bilateral Extended Reporting Period
  • Joint Venture Cover
  • Outside Directorships (Non-Profit Organisations)
  • *This is a summary only, and the cover provided by CGU is subject to the conditions, exclusions, and limits in this policy. For the full details of what is and is not covered, please read your Pinnacle Directors and Officers Liability policy wording.