Business pack

Business Pack provides comprehensive all-in-one protection for your business.


CGU’s Business Package provides a wide range of business insurance protection and lets you tailor the cover you need for your business.

Whether you are in the business or retail, CGU’s Business Package can be tailored to suit your business needs. This customisable business insurance provides a range of different insurance types all under one policy – making it easy to insure your whole business with one policy.

Key features

  • Build your customised policy from 15 sections of insurance covers
  • Wide-ranging business insurance protection for your business under one policy
  • Tailor your insurance solution to meet your business’ needs


Business package lets you customise your insurance with these 15 sections of cover


This covers damage to buildings, contents and stock caused by fire, perils and accidental damage. It includes:

  • Removal of debris – up to $25,000

Business interruption

The interruption to trading following a fire or other insured event can often have more serious financial implications for your business than the actual damage itself. Business interruption covers the shortfall in your gross profit caused by the interruption to your business after an insured loss. It includes:

  • Cover following a loss under fire, money, burglary, glass and general property sections
  • Australian-based customers and suppliers – up to 20% of gross income sum insurer
  • Accountant fees – up to $5,000

Burglary and money

This covers theft of business contents or stock, or theft of money.

Theft includes:
  • Seasonal increase of 50% above your sum insured for 60 days before Christmas and 30 days before Good Friday
  • Theft without forcible and violent entry – up to $2,000
Money includes:
  • Seasonal increase as for Theft, with a 50% increase on Bank and Public Holidays and other increases as nominated
  • Up to $1,000 for theft by an employee
Under both Theft and Money:
  • Up to $5,000 each for damage to premises, damage to safe, and replacement of locks and keys


This covers breakage of internal and external glass and signs. Includes:

  • Up to $5,000 each for sign writing, replacing burglar alarm tapes, temporary boarding or replacing damaged window frames.


This covers your legal liability to pay compensation for personal injury or property damage. It includes:

  • Up to $50,000 for damage or loss of goods in your care, custody and control (most occupations)
  • Social clubs, canteens and sporting clubs that are part of your business

Employee dishonesty

This covers fraud or dishonesty by your employees. It includes:

  • Claims preparation fees – up to 10% of the employee limit or $10,000, whichever is the lesser
  • Superannuation funds, welfare, social and sporting clubs that are part of your business

Machinery breakdown

This covers damage to machinery caused by breakdown or damage to boilers and pressure equipment caused by explosion and collapse. Refrigerated or frozen goods can also be covered against deterioration.

Electronic equipment

This covers fire, theft, accidental damage, breakdown and business interruption cover for computers and electronic equipment. 

General property

This cover is primarily designed for property (excluding stock) which is moved around, such as tools or professional equipment.

Tax investigation

This covers costs incurred by your accountant or registered tax agent (after receiving notification from the Australian Tax Office) in conducting an audit or investigation in relation to your liability to pay tax. It includes:

  • All necessary costs up to the sum insured to comply with a tax audit

Note: This is a general description of cover only – full details are set out in the Policy wording

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