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Will travel insurance cover me when I'm pregnant?

Whether it’s a quick baby-moon getaway, work trip, pre-planned holiday, or visit to see friends and family in Australia or internationally, travelling when you’re pregnant is part of life. If you’re worried about your travel insurance whilst you’re pregnant, you don’t have to be.

Here, we answer the most common questions we get about travel insurance for expectant mums.

What happens to my travel cover if I’m pregnant?

Before you travel, make sure to take a visit to your doctor and get medical clearance. This will make sure you are healthy and can take away the stress associated with travel. Some airlines may also require a medical certificate stating you are fit to fly, so make sure to take a copy with you and call the airline to double check too.

The good news about your CGU travel insurance is that until the end of your 24th week of pregnancy, you’re covered as you normally would be. However, your cover is valid only if there are no complications and conception has not been medically assisted, otherwise you will need to complete a medical assessment to see if we can offer cover.

After the 24th week has passed, your travel insurance won’t cover you for any medical expenses, loss or damages that are caused due to your pregnancy or childbirth. For example, if your water breaks whilst you’re on your baby-moon and you miss your flight, you won’t be covered for the extra costs to re-book.

After 24 weeks you won’t be covered for medical expenses incurred, cancelled travel, extra travel, check-ups, or evacuation costs. So, ensure to keep your due date in mind if you are planning to travel after the 24th week.

What if I find out I’m pregnant overseas?

If you find out you’re pregnant whilst you’re away, no worries! You’re covered if you’re less than 24 weeks along.

Your travel insurance, depending on your particular policy, may include items such as cancellation costs, emergency medical assistance and medical evacuation, cover for expenses, cover for additional travel costs and accommodation, though it won’t cover regular check-ups and expenses that are a part of pregnancy.

If you need to make a claim whilst travelling

Remember to keep all records of medical reports and doctor’s certificates from your trip if you’re making a claim on your insurance for a medical issue.

If you need to make a claim whilst away, call 13 24 80 if you’re in Australia, or for overseas emergency assistance call +61 2 8895 0698. Have your policy number handy and any other information about the incident ready to share.

For more information on Travel Insurance talk to your insurance adviser about your specific requirements or call CGU on 13 24 81.