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What is covered if your car is broken into?

Car thieves generally fall into two categories, those who are opportunists or those who are professional criminals.

 If you’ve discovered that your vehicle has been broken into, opportunity and temptation likely motivated the thief. Whilst professional criminals usually steal vehicles in order to steal parts or re-sell the vehicle under a new identity. Help avoid temptation from car thieves by taking a few simple steps to minimise your risk of theft.

What does your policy cover?

What is covered by your insurance depends on the level of cover you have taken out. Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is the highest level of cover you can obtain. If your car is broken into, it can cover you for incidents such as vandalism and fire which a lower-scale policy may not cover.

Smashed windows, broken locks, vehicle stereos, GPS, visible damage to carpets and seats, and stolen wheels or rims can also be included under a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy.

CGU’s comprehensive cover can also cover items such as baby capsules and personal property up to the value of $500 if they have been stolen from your locked car or damaged during the insured event. If you have a trailer that has been stolen from your vehicle or damaged, CGU’s policy can also cover the loss of this up to $1000 in value.

Property such as phones, tablets, computers, wallets, tools, or personal items that are over the $500 claim limit can be covered by a general property insurance policy and will need to be claimed for separately.

How to prevent motor vehicle break-ins

  • Don’t leave valuables such as computers, handbags, cash or shopping bags in plain sight within your car
  • If you have a trade or work vehicle, consider installing a lockable tool box to ensure the security of your tools and equipment
  • Lock your car and close windows whenever you leave it, even if it’s for a minute. This may seem simple but you never know who is watching your movements for a theft opportunity
  • Ensure your vehicle has a working car alarm with a visible blinking red light to deter thieves
  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit area, busy location, near motion-sensor lights, or in a secure garage
  • Engrave any valuables that you need to keep in your car with identifiable markings and numbers in case of theft

If your vehicle has been broken into, make sure to call the police immediately and do not touch anything. If bank cards have been stolen make sure to cancel them. It will then be time to contact CGU regarding your claim if you have a policy with us.

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