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Top international travel destinations for spring

Spring has sprung and it’s time to defrost! What better way than a refreshing spring time holiday?

September is not peak season for travellers; however it’s a great time to avoid the heat of summer in some destinations, and see temperatures rising and ice thawing to reveal beautiful green scenery in others.  Here are some of the top destinations for spring-time travel internationally.


Spring time in Australia means autumn in Europe, which can be a truly beautiful time to travel and take in the stunning colours of the changing seasons. Break away from the tourist packs during summer, and still enjoy fabulous mild weather in the places you wish to visit, plus you’ll save on peak period prices too! To view the best colours and changing autumn leaves try countries such as Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Austria and Denmark.


Australian spring time is great for heading off to Canada. Many crowds have dispersed during this time, children are in school in Canada (no school holiday crowds!), and it’ll be easier to get around to all the places you want to see whilst still not experiencing extreme cold or heat.


Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Japan. And during our spring, it is autumn in Japan! The weather is great during this time, with mild temperatures, clear skies and low rainfall. You’ll also see the colour of the autumn leaves changing during the season if you visit now.


September is the last month of the monsoon season in Nepal, meaning rainfall is easing and making travel easier through the regions here. The Annapurna trek is a great trail to try at this time, boasting views of Mount Everest and a varied terrain and sights for your journey.


Escape the lingering cool weather to a sunny destination by heading off to the tropical paradise that is Fiji. Weather during this time is drier and warmer. Although Fiji is generally quite warm year-round, the wet season peaks during November to April, so our Australian autumn is a great time to visit.  

New Zealand

September in New Zealand means the snow hasn’t quite melted yet – providing stunning snowy capped views and winter sport activities including skiing and snowboarding. September is also the best time to go white water rafting as the snow is starting to melt down the mountains. And, as its spring time in New Zealand, just like in Australia, you’ll be lucky enough to catch the gorgeous blooms emerging after winter and catch some spring festivals around the country whilst you’re at it!

Spring time is great to go travelling across to many international destinations. And of course, always check the latest travel warnings before deciding on a holiday location. For all of your travel insurance needs contact CGU.