Top 10 apps to make running your business a breeze

Top 10 apps to make running your business a breeze

Time wasting meetings and dead time commuting are things of the past for tech-savvy small businesses with an eye for clever technology. Small businesses across Australia are reinventing how they work by integrating simple tech into day to day practices to optimise productivity, and nurture collaboration.

Find out the top tech choices that are helping small businesses owners overcome time-wasting. 

There are more apps in the world (around 2 million for both android and apple) than there are people living in South Australia. Here are a few of the less obvious apps available to help you make the most of your time.

Apps for staying connected

Time spent organising, commuting, attending, and minuting meetings are a thing of the past thanks to virtual communication platforms. Here are some of the best apps for keeping in touch with your clients and collegues wherever you are. 


The low cost ‘meeting’ app that everyone (including your grandmother!) knows about.  What you might not know is that up to 25 people can be in a single meeting, and you can record your meeting to share with others afterwards.

Ready Talk

Includes an instant customer support feature that lets you focus on having the meeting, rather than worrying about the tech!

Meeting Pad

Imports your meetings from your calendar, manages attendees, records audio and allows you to attach documents so there is no tedious ‘admin’ follow up post meeting.

Apps for planning 

Planning workflows, allocating, and monitoring tasks can be time consuming and ineffective if you don’t get it right. Here are some of the best apps out there for planning on the go. 


Ever have trouble finding notes after you’ve taken them?  Evernote is a simple solution. 


This app lets you literally run your business from your pocket. It includes everything from scheduling, timesheets and payroll. It even lets staff swap shifts.


A great task/project management tool that is packed with features and great for big or involved projects. 


If you aren’t an Asana fan, you’ll probably opt for Trello. It’s simple ‘sticky note’ feel is ideal for small businesses and like Asana, is integrated with a range of other apps to make task/project management a breeze.


Let your staff raise invoices and claim expenses from anywhere. Do your bank reconciliation while you have your morning coffee, monitor expenses and chase debtors from any device – even your apple watch!


Look professional (fast!) in everything you do, with this Aussie graphic design app.  


Files at your fingertips, and no more access issues, Dropbox is also great for sending and sharing large files. 

Staying up-to-date 

Let your ears do the work. These are just a few of Australia’s top small business podcasts.

Startup, Business Addicts and Planet Money

Whatever apps you opt for, find out what others around you are using, and what your customers, suppliers and stakeholders are familiar with.  It will provide a common point of interest, encourage you to make the time to really get to know your app, and be a basis for collaboration so that ultimately, you are free to focus on growing your business.