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Packing up the caravan for a winter getaway?

Are you considering setting off on a winter caravanning adventure in Australia?

Making sure you’ve got everything in working order and packed and ready to go is all part of the planning. A properly prepared caravan ensures your trip is not only enjoyable, but also safe. Don’t miss anything with our top tips for packing up your caravan this winter.

Weight limits

Know your weight limits and pack only what you really need on the trip. A caravan carrying a weight over its limit can be very dangerous on the roads and can add to your fuel consumption too.

Medical and safety

Make sure to pack all of your necessary medication, take prescriptions, and a well-stocked first aid kit in case of an emergency. Essential items include paracetamol, bandaids, an antibacterial or disinfecting lotion, wound dressings, compression bandages, and sunscreen and insect repellent. Also ensure you have a fire extinguisher and fire blanket.

The basics

It goes without saying that you’ll need to ensure you can be self-sufficient for longer legs of your caravan journey. Bring enough water to last you, spare fuel in case you find yourself out in the remote Aussie outback or in between towns, and unperishable foods. And if you’re bringing pooch along, make sure to stock plenty of dog food too.


Ensure to pack up whatever you’ll need to communicate with family and friends whilst away and keep yourselves entertained. This might be tablets and phones, as well as a GPS navigation system to find your way, and radio to stay on top of what’s happening. Don’t forget your chargers too so you don’t run out of battery!


Depending on the type of caravan you have you’ll need some kitchen equipment to be able to cook on your journey. Plastic and unbreakable cutlery, cups, and plates are best. Consider buying items that have some weight to the bottom or are wider at the base to make sure they don’t fall over in the caravan or blow away in the weather.


Caravanning can mean you’re often left in the dark in some places. To find your way around campsites make sure to bring torches and batteries. Also consider motion sensor solar powered lighting so you can find your way around at night.


It’s smart to pack light. Make sure to have the basics such as t-shirts and shorts, but also warmer clothes for night time and cool winter days. Bring thongs for the shower, a water proof jacket, sneakers for when it’s time to trek, hats, and bathers.

When it comes to washing the clothes it can be helpful to bring along a big bucket to wash clothes in on the go in case the next stop is far away.

Caravanning in Australia

The caravan is supposed to be a home away from home, therefore it can be tempting to pack everything that makes you feel at home. However remember your weight restrictions. Leave those knick knacks at home and revel in the simple life on the road with life’s necessities.

And ensure you protect your beloved caravan and its contents with the right type of insurance cover. Contact CGU on 13 24 81 for more information about our Caravan Insurance products.