CGU Workers Compensation leading return to work initiative

CGU Workers Compensation leading return to work initiative

For our Victorian Workers’ Compensation Long Term Management (LTM) team, the number one business priority is assisting injured workers in their recovery and a safe return to work. Our LTM team specialises in managing complex and serious claims where injured workers have been off work for over 65 weeks.

Getting someone back to work after they have been unable to work for two years or more is very challenging for everyone involved but it is also extremely rewarding. This year we are proud to say we have already assisted many people successfully return to work, which is a tremendous achievement and an overwhelmingly positive outcome for these workers, their families, friends and co-workers.

One of our good news stories is Andrew’s.

Andrew is a plant operator who sustained a right elbow fracture through heavy lifting in January 2013. Complications from his injury and a permanent inability to continue heavy lifting meant that Andrew was unable to return to his pre-injury duties.

CGU arranged an Occupational Rehabilitation Provider for Andrew through the New Employer Services (NES) program and funded retraining for Andrew in traffic management and first aid to increase his employability.

Subsequently, Andrew was successful in gaining new employment in January 2014, however his injury symptoms increased and he was unable to continue to work from June that year. Following surgery in October 2014, CGU facilitated and funded Occupational Therapy treatment to assist him in getting movement back into his elbow.

Unfortunately, Andrew’s employer could no longer offer suitable duties so following recovery from surgery, CGU again arranged an Occupational Rehabilitation Provider through the NES program and liaised with the provider and Andrew’s doctors to get endorsements for various potential job options.

Throughout this period, CGU continued to invest in Andrew’s employability, such as providing funding for a forklift licence. At the same time, Andrew and his Occupational Rehabilitation Provider worked on his interview skills, job search, resume preparation and submitting job applications.

In January this year, Andrew attended an interview for a position with an alternative employer in hardware sales, was successful and commenced work the next day. When we checked in with him, a week into his new role, Andrew was really enjoying being back in the workforce! Well done Andrew!

Benefits of return to work include:

  • Maintains relationships at work and home
  • Restores financial independence
  • Improves physical health
  • Enhances mental health and psychological wellbeing
  • Reduces risk of long term disability
  • Promotes independence and quality of life
  • Builds self esteem, and identity within the community
  • Enables fulfilment and social participation
  • Enhances employment prospects

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