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I’ve been renovating – Do I need to let my insurance company know?

Renovations are great for refreshing your home, adding space, and adding value to your property.

They can allow you to stay and live in the same area, whilst saving money on buying a new home and the hassle of moving to a new suburb. However, it’s important to think about protecting any new additions to your home even before you begin renovations.

Renovations may alter the security of your home

Depending on the renovations happening at your property, you may need to adjust your insurance. If access to your home as been changed due to knocking down an exterior wall or replacing doors, it can increase the chances that someone is easily able to enter the home during this vulnerable time.

Things out of your control can happen

Nature doesn’t stop for anyone. Winds, rain, hail, floods, storms and fires can happen. It’s important to ensure your building as well as any additions are covered, and understand whether there are any conditions or limitations to your coverage while renovating. If you’re halfway through a renovation and something happens, you’ll want the peace of mind of knowing what situations your insurance covers.

Renovations can cause damage to your existing property

Builders or trades people will be entering your property during renovations, which means an increased risk that something could go wrong due to human error. Your plants could get trampled, things might get messy, spillages can happen, tools can get dropped in the wrong place, holes in the wrong walls, and the list can go on. In any case, it’s important to understand what the tradesperson’s insurance will cover and what your own building insurance will cover.

Know your insurance conditions

There can be some conditions within your home and contents insurance policy which become relevant when you are renovating. Make sure you’ve had a read through your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) so you are aware of what your policy covers and what it doesn’t.  

Renovations add value to your home

Once your renovation is complete, it can help to add value to your home. It might be a brand new bathroom makeover, an updated kitchen,  added rooms to the home or even a second storey. Whatever the renovation, ensure to tell your insurance company as you’ll need to re-value your home to ensure you’re not left out of pocket if something does happen to the building.

Building insurance whilst renovating

It is your responsibility to tell your insurer when you are renovating, extending or demolishing your home, as you will likely need to update your building insurance. This is the insurance which covers the home in which you live in, as well as any exterior buildings on your property such as the shed or garage. A quick chat with your insurer to let them know you’re about to start renovations will make sure you’re adequately covered, aware of your policy coverage and clear up any other questions you may have. For more information about Building Insurance, contact us today at CGU on 13 24 81