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How to keep your home safe from theft during the festive season

It comes around fast every year, Christmas is almost upon us again. Most of us are gearing up for the festive season and getting prepared to share food, drinks and presents with friends and family. Unfortunately, Christmas is also a time when home theft is on the rise and nothing puts a dampener on festivities more than finding that you’ve been the victim of crime.

Today, we’ll take a look at our top tips for keeping would-be criminals at bay so your home contents stay safe throughout the festive season.

Keep up security

The festive season can often mean frequent visits from friends and family and it’s easy to become complacent with keeping the house locked up if you have someone knocking on the door every five minutes. However, you need to make sure that you remember to keep your doors and windows locked to deter opportunistic criminals who are looking for an easy way in. This includes keeping your garage locked as this is a favourite entry point for thieves.

Enlist help if you’re going away

With a lot of people going away during the festive season, empty houses can be a very tempting prospect. If you’re going away, speak to a family member or neighbour who would be willing to check in every now and then to bring in the mail, park in the driveway, take out the bins, and turn on some lights to make the house seem lived in.

Be careful on social media

If you love posting things on social media about your Christmas activities or holidays, be aware of what you’re posting and who can see it. For example, if you’re publicly posting about your holidays you could find yourself a target for crime as people are aware your house is empty. Pay attention to what information you’re giving out or increase your social media privacy so only certain people can see what you’re posting. We recommend only posting your holiday pics after returning home safely.

Don’t display gifts

Although a big Christmas tree with presents stacked underneath shining through the living room window may look amazing, it can also be in invitation for criminals. Avoiding putting presents on display where they can be seen by passers-by in the lead up to Christmas.

Avoid package theft

Unfortunately, a lot of people commit opportunistic theft when they see a tempting looking parcel waiting outside someone’s front door. If you’re doing a lot of online shopping for Christmas presents, think about whether you’re likely to be home when they’re delivered. If your parcels will be sitting unsupervised for several hours, think about alternatives such as sending them to a family member who will be at home or to your work address instead.

With the help of the simple tips we’ve discussed, you can ensure that your home contents (and your presents) remain safe this holiday season.

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