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Getting the right home and contents insurance in New South Wales

If you live in New South Wales – or are thinking of moving to this beautiful Australian state – make sure you’re covered by the right home and contents insurance.

Why live in New South Wales?

Thinking of moving to New South Wales from somewhere else in Australia, or perhaps overseas? Why wouldn’t you? Quality of life in this prosperous state is rated as being amongst the best in the world – with great healthcare, education and weather.

From the beachside buzz of Bondi to surprise cultural packets in outback cities like Wagga Wagga, there are countless places you could easily call your home in New South Wales.

Sydney is the state’s spectacular heart, with remarkable diversity, strong economic stability, an incredible array of arts festivals and cultural offerings, and easy access to mother nature. Whether you choose to live near one of its many beautiful beaches or prefer to head west, it’s easy to find a place you’ll love. Despite its vast size, most areas of Sydney have a ‘village’ feel to them, making you feel right at home.

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Renting in Sydney?

There’s one big pitfall about Sydney: the cost of buying a property. Many people keep renting as they work hard to rustle up a deposit for a home.

While you’re saving up to buy your first home, it’s a great idea to take out renters insurance for all the contents in your rental property. There’d be nothing worse than getting close to your savings target, only to lose everything you owned in a fire or burglary … and having to start all over again.

Insurance tips for living in New South Wales

In 1999, a hailstorm struck Sydney. Not just any hailstorm. About 500,000 tonnes of hailstones caused over $1.7 billion in damage.1 Insurers like CGU stepped up to pay damages on homes, cars and office buildings in one of the most costly natural disasters in Australian insurance history.

As well as ferocious storms, New South Wales is also prone to the occasional earthquake, flood and fire. Plus, given that it is Australia’s most populous state, it has more than its fair share of burglaries, too.

The take-out of all this? Living in New South Wales is risky business, and it pays to protect your home and contents by having the right home and contents insurance.

Need to check your insurance?

Whether you’re moving to New South Wales or are a long-time local, you should check your home insurance regularly to make sure you’ve got the right amount of cover.