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Get inside the mind of a burglar to prevent home burglary

Having your home broken into is not only a violation of your space and possessions, it’s also a costly experience which can take some time to recover from financially.

In fact, break-ins to Australian homes are very common. Thankfully there are ways to deter burglars which you can apply right away to get your home safe.

Home burglary fast facts

  • 2.6% of homes are being broken into every year according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
  • Money, laptops and jewellery are the most common items stolen
  • Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) reports that Australian homes are more likely to be burgled than our international friends
  • 36% of Australians are afraid that their home will be robbed within the next year

Getting inside the mind of a burglar

Many home burglaries are spontaneous acts, with no-to-minimal pre-planning by the criminals. This means, that the homes most likely to be robbed are those which have presented an opportunity for the burglar.  By getting inside the mind of the criminal, and knowing what they are looking for, we can help you minimise the chances that your home will be targeted.

The AIC reports that these six factors increase the chances your home will be burgled:

  1. The burglar sees potential cover such as overgrown plants and trees in front of or around the home
  2. There are unsecured entry points such as doors and windows left ajar or unlocked
  3. There is an open carport or no garage present
  4. Your home is located close to a pawnshop so the stolen items can be sold quickly after a burglary
  5. Your home is located close to public transport for a quick getaway
  6. Your home has been left unoccupied

Of course not all of these factors are within your control, however for those which are, the AIC mentions that the best strategies to prevent burglaries include:

  1. Opening up your home to natural surveillance. This means cutting down those shrubs out the front of your windows and doors so others can see and call for help if needed
  2. Securing any items around the home that could be used to help someone break in. Think: tools, loose bricks, and gardening gear
  3. Making your home appear occupied, such as having a neighbour grab your mail, move your bins, and park in the driveway when you’re away. Using timer lights is also a great idea whilst away
  4. Restricting access to your home by making sure you have good locks on your doors and windows, and ensuring they are used at all times. Don’t forget your gates and fences too!
  5. Installing extra security such as sensor lights, alarms, anti-slash security screens, and double deadbolts

It’s not always possible to prevent burglary, however the harder you make it for a burglar to access, enter, and escape from your home, the more likely you will discourage an opportunist. Little things such as not hiding the spare key outside the house, not giving out spare house keys to tradespeople and not posting that you’re on holiday on social media until you’re back, can also help to prevent burglary.

And of course, in the case that you have been unable to prevent a burglary, you can make it harder for the criminal. Ensure to engrave electrical items, keep serial numbers handy for easy recovery, deposit cash in the bank, and keep jewels and valuables out of easy access. Ensuring you also have a comprehensive home contents insurance policy will also protect your back pocket from having to replace stolen items.

For more information on home and contents insurance, contact CGU today.