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Do you need travel insurance for domestic travel?

Whether it’s to visit family, attend an event such as a wedding, or just for a quick holiday, domestic travel within Australia is always popular – and you don’t need to worry about organising passports!

However, unlike international travel, sometimes the need for travel insurance for domestic travel is overlooked. Today, we’ll be taking a look at why travel insurance is worth considering for your next interstate visit.

Why is travel insurance necessary?

When we think about travel insurance, it’s often in relation to things that could go wrong overseas.

Just some of the things that travel insurance can cover for domestic travel include:

  • Baggage and other belongings – Whether you’re overseas or in Australia, having something happen to your baggage or belongings is frustrating and inconvenient. If your items are lost, damaged or stolen, your travel insurance will cover you financially. Just make sure you have proof of purchase for more expensive items, such as cameras, to make it easy if you have to claim.
  • Flight cancellations – When it comes to domestic travel, a lot of people go for the cheaper flight options which don’t allow for flexibility if you need to cancel. Although you probably intend to make your holiday as scheduled, sometimes the unexpected happens which means you need to cancel or delay your plans at the last minute. This can cause you to be out of pocket for flights and other bookings such as accommodation. Your travel insurance can help cover your expenses if you need to cancel your plans.
  • Rental cars - Domestic travellers sometimes choose to hire a rental car once they arrive at their destination to help get around. Although rental companies can provide cover should the vehicle be damaged or stolen whilst in your care (and it’s always recommended to ensure you have sufficient car insurance in place before you drive away), in the case of an incident occurring we can offer you cover for the amount you are required to pay towards the excess on the insurance policy.
  • Additional activities – If you’re planning on doing activities such as skiing or golfing, additional travel insurance can cover you for the items taken away with you on your trip. Remember, it’s always a good idea to mention to your insurer if you plan on doing additional activities as they may not be included in your standard policy.

Get the right level of cover

As you can see, Domestic Travel Insurance can cover you in a number of ways and means you’re protected financially if something goes wrong.

If you plan on heading off interstate, speak with your insurer about the best level of cover for you and your family so you can be assured that any additional areas of cover are taken into consideration.

For more information about Travel Insurance, contact CGU today on 13 24 81 and we’d be happy to help.