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Caravan contents safety tips for this summer season

Summer is here and it’s time to dust off the old caravan and head out for a trip during the holiday period. Here are some important caravan safety tips so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your caravan contents are safe and secure.

Caravan contents insurance

You can easily add on caravan contents insurance to your existing CGU caravan insurance policy. This will cover items such as caravan fixtures and fittings, and appliances that are not permanently installed. Items you keep in your caravan such as camping furniture, bedding, clothes, utensils, food, and crockery will also be insured under caravan contents insurance. An annexe can also be covered when it is nominated separately.

This contents insurance comes into effect if you suffer a theft, fire, or damage to the caravan or contents. However, the contents insurance won’t cover items stolen from your annexe.

You can add cover for the theft of items from your locked annexe that is not made of vinyl, canvas or other fabric. Plus, you can also add cover to your property for flooding.

Caravan insurance will help pay for:

  • Alternate accommodation if you cannot inhabit the caravan due to loss or damage
  • Towing to the nearest caravan repairer
  • Have your property returned to your home following an accident
  • Electric motor repairs and replacement

You can opt to have your caravan insured whilst it is in a stationary location chosen by you, or Australia-wide and whilst being towed. Ensure to let us know if you don’t use your caravan for a lengthy period of time.

Avoid the stress of a theft in the first place

Motivated caravan thieves will know how to enter and leave a caravan without a trace. However, it’s best to avoid the stress altogether and consider the motto that out of sight is out of mind for would-be thieves. Follow these simple tips:

  • Always lock up your vehicle and your caravan, even if you’re close by
  • Store valuables or tempting items away from windows and peering eyes
  • More valuable items should always come with you, or be stored inside the caravan rather than in the annexe
  • Set up automatic sensor lights which go off when they sense movement, this can deter thieves on the job
  • Engrave your more valuable items so they easily be identified should they be stolen
  • Stay aware of suspicious persons hanging around the caravan park with seemingly no reason
  • Consider wheel locks to prevent your caravan being driven away
  • Install a GPS tracker so you can find your caravan should it be driven away

Your home away from home

We know how important your caravan is to you, this is why we provide caravanners with plenty of insurance options for whatever their caravan use might be. Whether you’re out most of the year exploring Australia, if you like to take the family out on school holidays, or if you lend your van to friends or family, we’ve got a caravan insurance option that will suit you and your contents.

To find out more about Caravan Insurance contact CGU today on 13 24 81.