7 tips for tradies to beat the winter blues

7 tips for tradies to beat the winter blues

Winter can throw up a whole lot of challenges for tradies. While you can’t do much about the lousy weather, there’s plenty you can do to stay ahead of the game.

Here are our top tips to get you and your business through the cooler months.

1. Look after your tools

CGU research reveals one of the biggest hazards for tradies is general property damage. In winter, the risks to your tools increases significantly – from rust, dust and moisture to dropping equipment in slippery conditions.
Make sure your tools are stored somewhere safe and dry – both in transit and on-site – and keep the rust at bay with regular maintenance and a secure storage facility.

2. Under pressure

Winter days are shorter, which means there’s less time to get jobs finished. However, racing to complete a job before the light fades is both risky and dangerous, heightening the chance of accidents occurring.
It’s critical to take your time with proper due diligence because taking a shortcut or two could set you back severely if an incident occurs.

3. Know your blind spots

It’s important to know where you are at most risk. CGU research shows that for chippies, most injuries result from slips and falls, contact with sharp materials and the use of power equipment and sharp tools. In contrast, sparkies and plumbers are more at risk from constantly changing and unfamiliar job sites, as well as defective gas supply lines or faulty plumbing work.

4. Rainy days

Winter usually delivers wetter days, which can have a massive impact on productivity for outdoor work. If the weather forecast gets in the way of work, switch to Plan B. Catch up on paperwork, send the apprentice off to TAFE, finish those inside jobs and visit other clients. There’s always something to do.

5. Layer up

Invest in good-quality thermals, and layer on the flannels and polar fleece. Rug up with a waterproof jacket, beanie and thick socks, and wear boots with good grip for icy mornings. Don’t forget your high vis!

6. Healthy eating

Your body will use a lot of energy trying to keep warm, so eat a good breakfast. You can’t beat a bowl of porridge in the morning for sustained energy. For lunch, soup and stews heated up on a camping stove are a good option. Avoid takeaway foods if you can.

7. Prevent illness

Eating well helps stave off colds and flu, but it’s worthwhile getting the flu shot just in case. Avoid germs with basic hygiene rules and keep a bottle of hand sanitiser in your toolbox.

The most important tip for tradies

Make sure you’re well covered with an insurance agent you can trust.
Accidents and mistakes are rare, but when they do happen they usually carry severe consequences, especially if electrocution, fire, property damage or personal injury are involved.
CGU reveals the biggest risks for sparkies and plumbers are the use of low-quality products or materials, not following specifications or building codes, and defective electrical or plumbing work.
Different trades are exposed to different risks, and it’s important to make sure you have the right level of cover – for your business, your tools and your team – so no matter what winter throws at you, you’ll be covered and prepared.
CGU offers cover specifically designed for tradies. Find out more and get a direct quote online.