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7 Tips for staying healthy whilst travelling overseas

Travelling can be lots of fun; however it can also be taxing on our bodies.

Here are 7 tips on staying in prime health whilst travelling, so you can enjoy your trip that little bit extra and come home feeling refreshed!

1. Sleep and rest

Crossing time zones can cause strain on your body. Make sure to get plenty of sleep where you can whilst travelling. Sleep can help you to feel relaxed and refreshed, especially when you’re carrying luggage or walking around visiting sites all day long. Listen to your body, and if you need to stop and rest then do so. It is a holiday after all!

2. Stretch

Carrying heavy bags, walking around, or even sitting still on a plane or train can take its toll. Take a quick stretch break to relieve tension in your muscles. Focus on your arms, shoulders, neck, back and legs which will all be working hard to keep you going on your travels.

3. Exercise

If you’re travelling for a considerable amount of time, it’s a good idea to keep up your exercise regime or at least stay active. Keeping your body moving can help give you energy and keep your strength up. Not to mention keep those kilos at bay from consuming that little extra holiday food and drink. If you’re stuck for time to exercise, opt for some more active sightseeing instead or walk around your destination.

4. Drink water

Staying hydrated is one of the top tips you can get for staying health whilst abroad. Water will help flush out toxins, give you energy, plump skin back up, and can help keep your digestion regular whilst travelling. Also try to drink bottled water only whilst travelling to avoid bacteria which may be present in some foreign water supplies.

5. Eat well

Travelling to exotic places often means eating new exotic foods and having that extra few drinks. Try to keep your body nourished by finding foods high in vitamins and minerals too, and give your body a break from alcohol too. You’ll thank yourself when you get back and you’re feeling refreshed rather than sluggish.

6. Avoid the risks

Make sure to check your destination on Smart Traveller for any health warnings. This might be advice on safe water consumption, foods to avoid, disease risks, and safety considerations. You’ll be able to check for updates 24/7 and any changes right before you go. For example, you might be advised to wear long sleeved loose clothing to avoid mosquitoes and the Zika virus which is prevalent right now in some overseas countries.

7. Prepare yourself

A good habit to get into is to visit your GP before heading off on an overseas holiday. They can advise you on vaccines you’ll need before setting off, specific health advice, top up your prescriptions, give you any precautionary medication, and make sure you’re healthy before you go.

And of course, to prepare yourself for just about any risk overseas, it’s wise to get travel insurance before you go. For more information on Travel Insurance, contact CGU today.