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6 checks before you ride your motorcycle

Sunshine and clear weather means time to whip out the motorcycle for a ride!

However, before you jump on the back of your bike, check through these 6 points first to make sure you’re ready for the roads.

Protective gear

It can be tempting if you’re just going ‘up the road’ or if it’s very hot, to skip the protective gear. It’s important to remember that no matter your distance, size of your motorcycle, or the weather, you need to stay protected with the right wearables.

Motorcycle helmets are the most important piece of protective gear and are a legal requirement. They can mean the difference between a simple fall off your bike, to a hospital visit with serious injuries or worse.

Other motorcycle protective gear is made to protect your skin and your body from the severity of injuries, objects flying off the road, gravel rash, cuts, abrasions, and burns from hot bike exhausts, engines and the sun.

Wear long sleeves and pants that are made of tough fabrics which are secured at the wrists and ankles to prevent catching. Protect your eyes with shatterproof glasses or goggles, wear gloves, and fully enclosed shoes. It’s also a good idea to increase visibility on the roads with bright colours and reflective strips.

Motorcycle insurance

Before you get on the roads, double check your motorcycle insurance policy. Not only can you obtain an insurance policy to replace it if an accident happens, but you can include insurance for damage you cause to other’s property or vehicles, and for fire and theft of your own motorcycle.


Hot weather means hot roads. Make sure you hydrate every hour on the roads by using a strap-on water bladder. You can also buy special hot-weather motorcycle jackets which allows air to flow around your body. If you feel you are tired, extremely hot, dizzy, sweating excessively, feeling faint, start getting a headache or cramps whilst riding your motorcycle, you may be suffering from heat exhaustion. Ensure you stop in a safe area, preferably under shade, and seek medical assistance. You should loosen your clothing and drink water slowly to replenish lost fluids.


Make sure your registration sticker and number plate are within regulations for your state and any Australian state you plan to ride through. Ensure they are visible, clean, legally located, and stable.

Know your motorcycle

Make sure you are familiar with your motorcycle and take it for short drives before long ones, especially if it’s new.

Safety check your motorcycle for fluid leaks and levels, loose parts, tyre wear, pressure, and lodged foreign objects. One method is to manually give your bike a shake to see if anything comes loose. You’re better off with this happening whilst you give it a bit of a shake at home, rather than when you’re riding on the road.

Turn the motorcycle on and check it’s in working order. Things to go through can include your brake operation, brake pads, throttle, clutch levers, chain tension, ignition, front and back lights, batteries, oil levels and mirrors.

Hot road safety

Be prepared for the change in weather conditions. Hot weather equals melting ‘tar snakes’ which are used to fill gaps in the road and can become slippery for motorcyclists. Try to avoid riding directly over these in the heat if you can, otherwise be very cautious if you do.

Warmer weather also means more drivers on the roads enjoying the outdoors, whether it’s in their cars along the coast or in scenic locations in the hills. Be cautious and considerate of other road users this summer.

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