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5 Top tips for a safe beach trip this summer

With the summer months upon us, it’s prime beach time in Australia and many of us will spend lazy days at the beach cooling down and soaking up the sun.

Unfortunately, our beaches are also a prime target for would-be thieves who take the opportunity to steal possessions. From credit cards and cash to jewellery and mobile phones, there are a range of items that thieves are interested in at the beach.

To make your trip to the beach a safe and happy one, we’ll be taking a look at our top tips for a safe trip to the beach.

1. Limit your valuables

A lot of us take things with us in the car out of habit, however do consider what can be left behind when going to the beach. Leave the credit card and wallet at home and only take a small amount of cash if you’re planning on buying something. If you’re going to the beach with a friend, arrange for only one of you to have their phone to limit temptation. It’s also a good idea to leave items such as jewellery at home – not only can these be stolen but they are also very easy to lose.

2. Keep items out of sight

If you leave items in your car, always put them somewhere concealed such as the boot as they can be easily spotted through a car window. Don’t just hide items in your towel as they’re easily revealed if someone gives your towel a shake. Instead, put things in a waterproof bag or pouch and cover it with sand – remember to put your towel on top of it so you remember where it is! Be discreet with items at the beach too as thieves can be watching out for people with desirable items from a distance and then wait for an opportune time to steal them.

3. Take your items with you

Even if you’ve done a good job at hiding your possessions, you need to be vigilant about taking items with you if you leave the area. If you decide to go for a walk along the beach, grab your valuables and take them with you to avoid thieves taking the opportunity of going through your belongings.

4. Choose your spot

With the summer months comes lifeguards and it’s a good idea to find a spot nearby as thieves are less likely to operate in patrolled areas. Although a more secluded spot away from the crowd might be tempting, if you have valuables you might be better off sticking closer to the lifeguards.

5. Keep an eye out

At the beach, you can also keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour and warn other beachgoers if there’s a problem. Some things to look out for include someone rummaging through towels and belongings when people are in the water, or people who are wandering around but aren’t dressed for the beach. If you spot a problem, speak to the lifeguard or call the police to report suspicious behaviour.

To understand if your items are insured when visiting the beach check your home contents insurance policy to ensure you’ve got the right level of cover, or contact CGU today.