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10 hazards to be aware of in your home

There a number of hazards which can cause serious safety issues in and around your home.

Whilst we don’t want you worrying too much, it’s still important to be aware of these hazards to help you and your family prevent accidents or injuries from occurring and stay safe at home. Below are 10 hazards to be aware of around the home along with ways you can minimise them.

10 household hazards

  1. Fire – Make sure you have fire alarms installed in your home and check the batteries regularly. Never leave candles unattended and ensure to unplug appliances after use. It is recommended not to put excessive amounts of plugs into a power adapter and keep these areas tidy. When charging devices keep them off soft surfaces that can easily catch fire.
  2. Poisoning – Keep all poisons in a safe place, preferably high up. Never decant poisons into unlabelled containers as they can easily be mistaken for something else. Ensure all medication is secured and out of easy reach from children.
  3. Drowning - If you have a pool, make sure you have a regulation fence which is kept closed at all times. Empty paddling pools immediately after use and monitor young children in and around water, especially in the bath.
  4. Choking – Make sure all blind and curtain cords are tied down and don’t have any excess string. Don’t leave necklaces and headbands on young children and remove bibs immediately after use.
  5. Falls – Keep steps leading to the house and interior staircases clear from debris and toys. In wet areas like bathrooms, ensure there are bathmats on the floor and non-stick mats in the bath for children.
  6. Cuts – Clean away sharp items, such as knives and garden tools, immediately after use. When loading the dishwasher, point knives downwards to avoid cuts when packing them away later.
  7. Carbon monoxide – Have a technician service your heating system, water heater and other appliances once a year. You can also install a carbon monoxide detector if you’re concerned.
  8. Insect bites – Have an annual pest inspection to ensure that any pest issues around the house are kept in check. Consider the use of cockroach baits and surface sprays as long as they are used safely and away from pets and children.
  9. Mould – Make sure wet areas, such as bathrooms, are properly ventilated and don’t forget to open the windows in bedrooms to ensure air circulation. Use a cleaning solution to remove mould if you notice it around the house.
  10. Insecticides – Make sure to spray insecticides away from food and wipe down any surfaces afterward. Keep children and pets away if you’re using insecticides around the house or garden.

Keep your home and contents safe

With an increased awareness of household hazards you may be able to prevent certain things from going wrong, however, you can’t predict everything. Home and contents insurance gives you financial protection for your home or possessions should an unexpected event occur. The level of cover will be determined by the type of policy you have. It is a good idea to review your policy regularly to ensure that the items you have covered remain up to date.  

For more information on home and contents insurance, contact CGU today.