CGU partnership: SME Association of Australia

Working together to make it easy for you to manage your business


CGU and SMEA are pleased to announce a partnership that will make it easier for SMEA members to manage their business and improve the customer experience.  The SME Association of Australia, an association of small and medium enterprises is the peak body and leading voice for the most important economic driver for the prosperity of Australia, our Nation.

The SMEA provides membership services and forms strategic alliances and affiliations with businesses, organisations, associations, schools, higher education bodies and government to ensure that SMEs are equipped with what they need to connect, grow and prosper in their businesses via a business friendly one stop platform through our association.

The first outcome of this exciting partnership is an enhanced workers compensation product, developed to meet the insurance needs of SMEA members.  Over the longer term, our vision is to provide a wider insurance offering for other industries and specialities.

By working together, we are able to deliver offerings that are relevant to the needs of SMEA members to help them protect their business.

The partnership allows CGU and SMEA to collaborate and bring together their knowledge of customers and industry requirements. It allows us to design and deliver insurance solutions that are more relevant for customer's needs.

These solutions will be distributed through digital channels that are easy to navigate. The collaboration will allow the SMEA members to select offers from CGU Insurance which will be delivered to them via digital solutions.

We look forward to working with SMEA to deliver solutions that meet their members' needs now, and into the future.

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