CGU Dropbox partnership

CGU helps you protect your business

CGU partners with innovative companies who can help you protect and grow your business. Business customers of CGU can access these partner benefits directly through exclusive offers.

The latest partnership CGU has announced is with Dropbox.

Both CGU and Dropbox are committed to helping protect your business. With this similar purpose, CGU is pleased to announce a new offer which will give our SME customers access to Dropbox for Business free of charge for 90 days. This offer includes access for up to 20 team members (starting at 20 TB of data).

Dropbox for Business provides teams with the power, security, and performance of the Dropbox that 300 million users love, along with robust admin capabilities that give IT visibility and control over company data.

Access your files on the road

Whether it's connecting to a server via VPN or emailing files back and forth, staying productive outside the office is frustrating at best. Even moving files between a laptop, smartphone, and tablet — or from one app to another — can be downright headache-inducing.

Dropbox for Business takes the pain out of mobile access by making your team's files available everywhere, so team members can be just as productive on the road as they are at their desks.

Sharing and sending files

Working with partners, clients, and vendors is essential to your company's success, but it's rarely easy to do. Ever tried sending an hour-long video or a massive graphics file to people outside your team? Then you know what a pain it is when they're forced to download special software or sign up for yet another service.

With Dropbox for Business, sharing files with external collaborators is simple, and your content stays protected every step of the way.

Dropbox for Business also makes sharing any type of file simple.

Create a link to any file in your Dropbox, and send it to anyone inside or outside your team. No file type restrictions, no operating system requirements, and no size limits. Sending the smallest Word doc is just as easy as gigabytes of hi-def video. Your recipients get right to the latest file version without installing software or clogging their inboxes.

Protecting content

With Dropbox for Business file sharing, you can decide how data leaves your organisation. Shared folders and shared links will follow whatever policies you set, and you can even use sharing audit logs to track who clicks on shared links. Passwords and expirations can be added to links as they are shared for an additional layer of control.

Securing data on your own can mean cost-prohibitive investments in file encryption, access control and surveillance systems, and regular testing against attacks. But with Dropbox for Business, you get turnkey access to business-grade security. Unlike standard backup solutions that are subject to natural disasters and unauthorised access, Dropbox safeguards data including encryption both in transit and at rest.

Over the coming weeks and months a progressive rollout of this new offering will be made available to SME customers in Australia.

Brokers and Authorised Representatives seeking information about this offer for existing CGU SME customers can email or contact their CGU Sales Representative.