Diversity, inclusion and flexibility

We aspire to support a workforce that is as diverse as the customers we serve and communities which we support.

We’re proud to be building a workforce that respects and embraces perspectives that come from people of different backgrounds. Tomorrow’s success is based on today’s action which is why CGU is always looking for the best people. Diversity is a fundamental part of this, because talent doesn’t confine itself to a specific gender or group of people. 

By attracting the best people who are passionate about our customers and have a broad range of skills, experiences and frames of reference, we will drive innovation and be more responsive in adapting to our customers’ needs. 

Diversity and inclusion aren’t just words on a page for CGU.  We are actively implementing programs to support our diversity ambition.  For example, in 2012, the Group publicly committed to achieving gender diversity targets by 2015 and the results in 2013 show that we are on track to achieving our goal.

We also know that supporting flexibility in the workplace is an important part of encouraging a more diverse workplace, helping us attract and retain a diverse group of people.

Flexibility is important to all employees as a part of work-life balance, and can be particularly important for people with carer responsibilities, study or volunteer commitments or who are in certain stages of their career. 

We support flexibility in our employees working life to maintain personal values and priorities, whether it is job sharing, part-time employment, flexible work hours and locations, or flexible careers.


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