Community engagement

CGU has a strong tradition of giving back to the communities in which we serve, live and work.

CGU has a strong tradition of giving back to the communities in which we serve, live and work, and have been doing so for more than 160 years. 
We continue to support a broad range of local events and community initiatives and recently established our own charitable organisation to give additional focus to our community engagement efforts. 
Our community support efforts generally have an emphasis on risk mitigation or the promotion and development of small business.

The CGU Foundation

In June 2013 launched a new charitable foundation, to provide a focus for its activities in supporting the community.  The Foundation is a separate entity to CGU, and is governed by a Board that sets its overall direction. CGU contributed an initial $1 million to launch the Foundation in 2013, and will continue to make ongoing annual contributions.
The Foundation supports four key areas: health, education, supporting people in need and caring for nature and the environment.
There are many ways in which our people can get involved, and we support a range of activities and charitable organisations. These activities include workplace giving, staff fundraising and volunteering. Because its budget is committed to these activities, it does not run a general grants program.

The Foundation has chosen some charity partners which contribute to the community in these four areas, to which is directs most of its support, and with which it aims to have long-term partnerships.

CGU is committed to ensuring the Foundation makes a positive and lasting difference.

Enquiries regarding the CGU Foundation can be directed via email at

Workplace giving

We want to give our people every opportunity to give back as well, whether it is through donations, fundraising or volunteering. Our people have many ways to get involved in community engagement and charitable giving – so they can choose to support what they’re passionate about.
We provide community and volunteer leave and match our employees’ contributions to our charity partners dollar for dollar. 

Reconciliation Action Plan

CGU’s parent company, Insurance Australia Group (IAG), has developed a Reconciliation Action Plan which formalises our commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
We a long and proud tradition of empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and believes business can play a leading role in addressing economic and social disadvantage.
In developing this plan, we have consulted a wide range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander specialists from business, the philanthropic sector and government, to help make our contribution meaningful and measurable.
Our focus is on fostering relationships, cultivating respect and creating opportunities for Australia’s First Peoples.
For more information about IAG’s commitment to reconciliation, please visit the IAG website


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