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Tiana Iuvale, Broker Solutions Manager (QLD)

What do you like about working in insurance? 

I come from a communications and advertising background and find surprising similarities between the industries. In my role, it’s never the same day twice because I’m dealing with people all the time, which I love. Whether clients or colleagues, it’s a relationship driven industry. There are plenty of social events and initiatives to support professional networking. I think that’s why it’s never repetitive or boring… and why I’m still here after 9 years! 

Tiana representing CGU with a few members of her team.

Why is International Women’s day important to you? 

This is one dedicated day of the year to shine a light on the achievements of women and the important role we play in society as people, partners, parents, employees, leaders, peers, and professionals.  It’s important to embrace the wonderful diversity of humanity. 

What drives your ambition? 

Knowing that we haven't achieved pay parity, 50/50 gender representation in the C-suite of ASX listed companies and that many women in the world are still marginalised and exploited are constant drivers for my ambition to make the world an equal, inclusive place.

What’s the biggest thing influencing the insurance industry right now?

The adaptation to a changing way of work, thanks to COVID-19.  We have the opportunity to shape our industry (and attract future talent) through flexible ways of working that supports both men and women to successfully balance career and family.  Why can’t we ALL have it all? 

What are 3 things you love to do outside of work? 

I love being at the beach, being a mum and writing. 

Tiana enjoying family time at the footy.

Where would you be if you didn’t work in insurance? 

Honestly I think I’d be an entrepreneur. Or doing something where I can express my artistic talents every day! 

About Tiana

At CGU, Tiana leads a team of market-facing Account Partners and Business Relationship partners who are the face of our brand in broker offices throughout Queensland. 

After graduating with a degree in Communications she worked in operations, finance and project management, sales and marketing across a range of industries. She’s been with CGU since she joined in 2012 as a Business Development Manager. 

As a working mother of two wonderful young gentlemen, Tiana has a deep personal interest in all aspects of diversity and inclusion. She’s determined to share her career and life experiences truthfully and honestly in the hope of inspiring future generations of leaders to create balanced, equitable and flexible workplaces where everyone thrives. 
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