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When it comes to construction, success is in the planning. And whether it’s a small owner-builder project or a large-scale infrastructure development, both share something in common: the need for the right construction cover.

Why CGU for Construction?

CGU’s specialist national team of experienced Construction Underwriters understand the local market from both a broking and industry perspective. 

We have the capacity and the capability to operate across multiple sectors of the construction industry. Our hands-on experience also extends to several qualified engineers on our team, allowing us to tailor coverage specifically to the unique needs of your clients.  

We can also support you with training and advice to help you keep on top of construction policy coverage.

Laying the foundations

To ensure we offer you the most relevant options for cover, simply speak to your insurance Broker and provide us with a thorough submission including  information such as: 

General (Annual and Single Policies) 

  1. Details of contractors’ experience in the type(s) of project(s) to be insured
  2. General Risk Management details
  3. Historical claims performance (preferably last 5 years)



  1. Areas of operation
  2. Basis of cover (run off or transfer)
  3. Turnover 
  4. Types of projects performed
  5. Maximum construction period, defects liability period and T&C period required
  6. Maximum contract value to be insured under the policy



  1. Specific details of the project to be insured, including contract value, scope of works, construction period, defects liability period and any required additional covers
  2. Location & site peril exposure
  3. Greenfield (new) or Brownfield (existing) site construction
  4. Choose the product that best covers your project: Annual Contract Works and Legal Liability; Single Project Contract Works and Legal Liability or Owner Builder Construction and Liability.


Purpose-built claims management

Our experienced claims team provide specialised service for Construction clients. All construction claims are managed by either our large and complex claims team or our liability claims team – both based onshore. Our approach to claims ensures that only experienced claims professionals who understand the nuances of construction policy coverage are tasked with managing our claims.  

Build the right protection with UBuild2

UBuild2 is CGU’s online tool that allows you to quote and bind most of your clients residential and commercial building risks, to provide you with a simpler, more intuitive experience. 

Recently enhanced for an even better customer experience, UBuild2 lets you provide instant quotes and policies on most residential and commercial building risks with a simpler, more intuitive experience. Discover how UBuild2 can work for you. 

Need a Quote?

Speak to your insurance broker or visit the NIBA website to find a trusted advisor who can assist with your insurance needs.

Insurance issued by Insurance Australia Limited ABN 11 000 016 722 AFSL 227681 trading as CGU Insurance. This is general advice only and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs (“your personal circumstances”). Before using this advice to decide whether to purchase the insurance policy, you should consider your personal circumstances and the relevant Product Disclosure Statement available at https://www.cgu.com.au/.