Ambition Wanted

Last Year 424,144 ABN's didn't get off the ground. That's 48 every hour. It's a lot of lost ambition.

Kickstart your ambition with
a business grant worth $40k

Have a bold business idea that needs an ambition boost? Then CGU are here to help. If you're a start up, scale up or anything in between, apply for a CGU Ambition Grant today to be in the running to receive a business-changing grant worth $40,000.

Your ambition means a lot to us so, take your time to respond and follow these simple steps to apply:

To apply, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the application form (see link below)
  2. Take your time to complete the form and understand the terms & conditions
  3. Return to this page and submit your application form by Tuesday, 15th October
Download application form