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Our research has shown the following cover options are popular within the transport and wholesale industry.

What insurance is popular in your industry?

Four in every five Australian businesses are underinsured. The consequences of this can leave your business exposed to huge financial and legal risk. With that in mind, it’s never been more important to work out the insurance requirements for your business.

Every business is different and has different insurance needs. We’ve researched insurance for different industries, so you can find out what cover options are popular in the transport and wholesale industry.

Product and public liability

93% of transport and wholesale businesses with CGU use product and public liability insurance to protect themselves and their business against a range of legal liabilities, including personal injury and property damage.

Property and fire

81% of transport and wholesale businesses with CGU use this cover to insure their premises from damage to buildings, contents and stock caused by fire & perils and accidental damage.

Business vehicle

84% of CGU’s transport and wholesale customers use business vehicle insurance to cover theft or damage to business vehicles.

General property

75% of our transport and wholesale customers have general property insurance protecting them against damage and loss.

Workers compensation

73% of our transport and wholesale customers enjoy CGU’s expertise in workers compensation, from managing  claims and getting your staff back on their feet.

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While this is what most transport and wholesale customers insure, your needs may be different. Want to learn more? Find an insurance adviser or call us on 13 24 81.

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