CGU Fantasy Football - Round 2

CGU Fantasy Football - Round 2

Carnage and Devastation

Round one of AFL Fantasy didn’t produce the start that most Fantasy coaches were wanting, including our very own Steele Sidebottom (MID, $602,000) who broke his thumb in the final term after receiving a kick to the hand. Steele was on fire with a score of 88 at that stage and now must be traded, until he has recovered, along with the game’s best Fantasy scorer Tom Rockliff (MID, $737,000). Rockliiff broke his ribs and punctured his lung in a sickening collision. Rocky too was on fire at that point with 76 and will now spend up to eight weeks on the sidelines.

Backline Failure

It has always been difficult when selecting reliable defenders in Fantasy and this week was no exception. Highlighting this even more were some popular picks in Jack Newnes (DEF, $446,000), Heritier Lumumba  (DEF, $389,000) and Kade Kolodjashnij (DEF, $372,000) who only averaged 41 between them.

Many coaches will swing the axe on these under-performing score but I will remain patient and give them at least one more chance to show the form they produced over the NAB Challenge series.

Collingwood Changes

With Steele Sidebottom (MID, $602,000) out this week, Collingwood have brought in 2 replacements for him and Jordan De Goey (MID, $202,900). In this week’s clash against Adelaide we will see the return of Paul Seedsman (DEF, $352,000) and Tim Broomhead (FWD, $301,000).


If you are in the same boat as me (and it’s not a great boat to be in), and have both Rockliff and Sidebottom, then we need to look at trading them for someone else until they are back playing again. Here are some of my best options.

Steve Johnson (MID, $605,000) has had a limited pre-season but came out and dominated last week. He only scored 92 but had 68 at half time. He’ll be better for the run and has averaged over 115 in the past.

Top scoring the round was Brad Ebert (MID, $590,000) with 163. He was unstoppable along with Jordan Lewis (MID, $643,000) for his 156. Based on these numbers, both are very worth replacements.

Michael Barlow (MID, $622,000) has been a reliable premium in the past and will be again this year. He scored 101 on the weekend and appears to have shrugged off any injury concerns surrounding him.

Calvin’s Captains

This is a warning for those people who have Gary Ablett (MID, $647,000). He appeared to struggle last week with his shoulder injury from 2014 and only managed 61. This week he will be tagged by Maverick Weller from the Saints who held Ryan Griffen to just 48 last week. Ablett will bounce back at some point though. Champions like him don’t stay quiet for long.

Jordan Lewis (MID, $643,000) appears to be the most obvious selection after his 156 last week. However, he was tagged by Hocking when he played the Bomnbers last year and was held to just 66.

One of the best options though has to be Michael Barlow (MID, $622,000). He scored his best score of 2014 when he played Geelong. He knocked-up 137 that day and is also a sure thing to score 100+.

This week I scored a total of 1851 (8,936th overall) and I’m hoping for a huge improvement this week.

Good luck!

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